"The People And Canine Coalition"

The Official National Voice of Dogs

501(c)(3) pending

Project X -The complete X-termination of all underground and secretive dog fighting rings in the United States.​​  We will find and bring to justice all people involved with this abhorrent activity - EVERYONE!!  This is the PACC's oath!...We are coming for you!

Current openings to all retired military - with reconnaissance experience.

(Project Director - Currently Vacant)

Project U -The unification between the United States and UK's -- strict dog breeding laws.

(Project Director - Currently Vacant)

Project S -To change the law that dogs are considered "equipment" of the United States Military,  to that dogs are considered equal to soldier status.

​(Project Director - Currently Vacant)

Project P - To enact law in every state that owning a dog is a privilege.  All convicted dog abusers shall be stripped the privilege of owning a dog for life.

(Project Director - Currently Vacant)

​Project ROne of the most important projects closest to the hearts of all dog owners! -- To rescue and save all dogs in disaster areas!  As the PACC grows...so will its resourses available.  The PACC soon envisions both helicopter and ground rescue services 100% dedicated to any stranded dog in disaster areas.  And YES! dog's will be the top priority as dictated by our contributors and constituents.  Absolutely NO exceptions!

(Project Director - Currently Vacant)

"God has made many of us strong, that we may protect the weak.  We shall make a PACC to show no mercy toward the merciless"

Steve Pillott